Construction Updates for downtown businesses

Construction soon to start in 2017, final phase of downtown project
Post Date: Apr 12 2017
Two sets of contractors will start on downtown construction work within the next two weeks, as the final season of work begins on the Downtown Infrastructure Improvements Project. Keller Paving is responsible for two blocks and one intersection this spring, and Wagner Construction will handle 12 blocks and two intersections.

“Keller Paving has told us they will start right after Easter, on Monday, April 17,” said Dave Schwengler, project construction manager for Houston Engineering. “While Wagner Construction plans on starting the week of April 24. The contractors will be in two distinct areas of downtown to get their separate work done, and have aggressive plans to work long days and many weekends in order to stay on top of their projects.”

The roads to be worked on by Keller Paving this spring include one block of First Avenue SW from Broadway east through the First Street SW intersection, and one block of North Main Street, just north of Central Avenue. This work was leftover from their 2016 contracted work in downtown. Wagner Construction’s work this year includes five blocks of Third Avenue South, five blocks of First Street SW, and two blocks of Second Street East. Wagner told the city they will start work at the end of the month on two blocks of Third Avenue SE and one block of Second Street SE – just to the south of Minot High Central Campus and to the east of Milton Young Towers.

For the latest maps of the construction zone go to, and to view the latest construction photos visit “Downtown Minot is Open” on Facebook or go to the project website.  You can also contact Mark Lyman, public information officer for the project, at 857-7205 or

Phase 2 Completion: Construction is going to be done in the following locations: First Avenue SW from Broadway east through the First Street SW intersection; and on N Main Street, north of Central Avenue to First Avenue N.

Phase 3 Launch: Construction is planned in the following locations: on First Street SW between Central Avenue and Fifth Avenue SW; on Third Avenue SW/SE between Broadway and Third Street SE; on Second Street NE from Central Avenue to First Avenue NE; and on Second Street SE between Burdick and Third Avenue SE.