Construction Updates for downtown businesses

Downtown Presentation on 2016 Phasing
Downtown businesses and residents have a better idea on how Main Street construction is likely to occur in 2016, after a meeting on December 1, 2015 with City of Minot staff and elected officials. During the presentation, milestone phasing was introduced that would reduce the number of contiguous blocks that can be under construction at any one time.

“We’ve had some great feedback from the businesses and residents downtown, as well as other lessons learned from 2015 construction, that are now part of the plan for infrastructure improvements next year,” said Lance Meyer, City of Minot engineer. “Included in that feedback is the need to have substantial completion on particular areas prior to moving on to other construction areas. This is reflected in the milestone map that we shared today.”


In early December 2015, the Minot City Council approved the completed plans and specifications for Phase II of the Downtown Infrastructure Improvements Project. After this approval, and approval from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), the project package will go out to contractors to bid on.

The 2016 phase of the project calls for the placement of 4,900 linear feet (lf) of water main pipe, 2,700 lf of sanitary sewer pipe, 3,000 lf of storm water line, and more than 68,000 lf of electrical wiring. As well, the contractor will be replacing 103 domestic water connections to businesses and residences, and placing more than 31,319 square yards of concrete (more than 652 truckloads).
City Presentation to Downtown on 2016 Milestones/Phasing